We hand pick fresh gherkins from some of the best farms and clean them thoroughly. The pickling ingredients are then mixed in the right proportions in a hygienic atmosphere and we pack them in glass jars. Our processing plant, situated near Bangalore has the state of art machinery imported from Holland.

Quality and hygiene, are our highest priorities and they are maintained at high levels throughout the stages of production. Thus, each jar of pickle, not only tastes delectable, but also measures to the highest quality levels.

Whole Gherkin

Grades : 160-300, 100-150, 40-80, 20-80

Glass Jar sizes : 370 ml and 720 ml

Sandwich stalkers (Planks)

Size : 500 ml

Party sticks (Spears)

Size : 720 ml

Sandwich Stackers (Planks) Sandwich Stackers (Planks)

Sandwich Stackers (Planks)

Party Sticks (Spears) Party Sticks (Spears)

Party Sticks (Spears)

Whole Gherkins

Whole Gherkins